Our mattresses are not made on a production line, they are hand crafted one by one. Here at Bandy Bedding we are craftsmen, and that makes a difference. With this, we are able to offer 360 degrees of customer service. This means that even after you leave our store with your purchase, we are still here for you. Our beds have our name on them, and we stand behind them, so if you have any issues after purchase - we'll take care of you! That's the Mattress Craftsman Guarantee!



To file a claim:

1. Please download and fill out the form here.

2.  Email this form, along with pictures taken of the mattress we can use to validate your claim to: tressiabandy@gmail.com

3. Wait for a Bandy representative to contact you.

** If you have not heard from a Representative within 5 business days of filing your claim, please contact your local Bandy Bedding retail store.